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alpaca for sale Stillmeadow Farm Bailey EDP 2019

Tons Of Fleece & Calm Demeanor

Stillmeadow Farm Bailey

ARI# 35122609   D.O.B. 10/14/2016

Huacaya, Gelding (Male), Non-Breeder | White, Beige

Sire: TGF Legit | ARI# 32626070  | Medium Fawn 
Dam: Accoyo America Pali | ARI# 1433098  | Light Fawn 

Stillmeadow Farm Baileys enjoys being Jameson's shadow, or twin brother sometimes, as the two are almost impossible to tell apart to a newcomer at the farm (and their human dad, who thinks they're all the same...silly dad)

With the same curiosity as his companion Jameson, Bailey enjoys a comfort factor of 97.7, 2.3% of his fibers less than 30 microns, and a stunning 8.69 pounds of white fleece that he was grateful to be rid of as the hot weather arrived the day the shearers arrived. Bailey is always at the fence wanting to know what's happening, curious as he chews what's in his mouth, and coming to sniff at anything that might be for him. He's large, the largest alpaca on the farm at almost 170lb

On May 12, 2020, Bailey was gelded due to a bit too much testosterone enthusiasm that was becoming dangerous to the herd around him. He has calmed immensely since then, which will now help preserve his enormous fleece and its fineness, as well as he's become a bit more friendly and curious to his fellow males. He leads well, loads, walks, stops, enjoys itches and will just stand still for a good itch because he can. He might make a nice ADA project for someone with the time due to his new mellow nature and his size

Updated 4/4/2022