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D.O.B. 10/13/2016

Huacaya, Gelding (Male), Non-Breeder | True Black

Sire: PSAF Andromeda's Dark Star | ARI# 32378252  | True Black 
Dam: Nautilus' Nexxus Hannah of UPS | ARI# 31464253  | Dark Brown 

Harry is an un-registered black fiber male with the cutest floppy ears & the saddest expression you've ever seen despite being a sweet little male. He has an extremely dense black fleece down to the skin, and an abundance of it after he was sheared. Most times he enjoys lying around chewing his cud and watching the world continue, or keeping his companion, Santini, company as they roam the pasture in search of things to graze

On May 12, 2020, Harry was gelded, as his confirmation was off enough to not want him as a breeder and ensure his good personality continues, and to calm some of his hormones that were causing some issues in the larger herd he was in. He has settled tremendously since it and now enjoys a bit more peaceful outlook on life

As of April 18, Harry has a micron of 23.7 for 2019-2020 (done on a private micron machine)

Updated 1/2/2021