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I'm three hours old and adorable!
I'm getting a blow dry by my human mom!

I'm Huge!

Tree Frog Farm's Cloudjumper

ARI# 36040384   D.O.B. 11/10/2020

Huacaya, Cria Male, Unproven | Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown

Sire: Snowmass Blue Luxury | ARI# 35208655  | True Black 
Dam: Abenaki Ahaa | ARI# 31375238  | Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown 

Cloudjumper is affectionately called our "mutant", and for good reason

An immense 17lb cria at birth, Cloudjumper's nose immediately began to explore his world around him, and romp with his two companions in the nursery. He has a wonderful dark nose and a semi-badger face in black and chocolate tones, with a stripe of it down his spine, making him a dark dorsal fawn despite being an almost clone-copy of his mom, Ahaa

His mom produces large cria, given Heartbreaker's size at nearly two, and Cloudjumper was no exception. Due to his immense size of 84.2lb as of March 1, 2021, Cloudjumper got mom-weaned as Ahaa weaned him herself & wanted OUT of the nursery & was done with him, and he transitioned through the process of weaning with his usual mellow demeanor and that nose of his

He is listed as a dark fawn/light brown, but his legs are almost a chocolate, his face is dark with lighter caramel highlights and he is personable and wants to taste and smell everything around him, and he has grown HUGE. He could be his own shetland pony ride if he wanted to, and at almost a year, he's ready for new adventures in the world

Cloudjumper has a micron of 18.1 as of Feb 8, 2021 (private machine) and looks to be almost the same shade of rust-brown that his dam is, making it easier to process his fleece as one color/hue/shade for fiber products. He is also, as of Oct 2021, at 106 lb, larger than his sire was at two years old and still a yearling...he's gotten huge

Updated 1/11/2022