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I'm three hours old and adorable!
I'm getting a blow dry by my human mom!

Tree Frog Farm's Cloudjumper (pending)

D.O.B. 11/10/2020 (Under 1 yr)

Huacaya, Cria Male, Unproven | Dark Fawn, Light Brown

Sire: Snowmass Blue Luxury | ARI# 35208655  | True Black 
Dam: Abenaki Ahaa | ARI# 31375238  | Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown 


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HI! I'm very new to the farm! I arrived in November before a rain storm, and weighed in at over 17 lbs! My mom got accused of swallowing a beach ball...humans can be so mean, but it was just me, all big and squirmy! It was really dark in there, but it's all light and interesting in my new world, with so many things to sniff and taste and all this space I can run around and be me

The weird humans who got me all dry and put that torture device on my body to keep me warm say I look just like my mom...I don't know what that means, cause my mom's an alpaca, like me, and I'm supposed to look like her...humans are strange

I have my mom who hums at me and has lots of yummy things she feeds me, but sometimes she sneezes (Yawns) and that scares me, and I have my "Auntie Avenica" who's also with me, who sniffs me and makes certain I'm in out of the rain and kushed properly in a dry spot to nap in the stall we all share, and she's nice but she sneezes (yawns) too and scares me sometimes...and I scare myself when I sneeze...sneezing isn't fun

It's been icky and all wet and rainy since I was born, but there's so many things for me to see here, and the weird human who's always peeking in at me says I'm all leggy...of course I'm leggy, that's how I get around...silly humans, always spying on me, even when I'm napping

At almost seventy days old (that's a really really long time! Longer than between milk meals from mom) I'm almost gaining a pound a day! I'm getting huge, and a pretty dorsal stripe of a light chocolate that goes onto my head, too. I'm getting big and cuter each day, and look at all the white stuff that's falling from the sky that I can romp in! It's cold & it tickles my nose when I sniff it. I'm not certain about all this white stuff

Due to his immense size of 84.2lb as of March 1, 2021, Cloudjumper has been weaned off Abenaki Ahaa as she stopped nursing, and he continues to grow

Cloudjumper has a micron of 18.1 as of Feb 8, 2021 (private machine)

Updated 3/19/2021