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3 Ply DK Black

2 Ply Fingerling

2 Ply DK Tweed

100% Alpaca Yarn

Price: $25.00

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Shipping & Handling

All yarn is sold by the skein; all skeins have been weighed & have the weight/estimated yardage as provided by the fiber processing mill. As these are natural products, there is no 'standard size' and every one has a different yardage/weight to it; please inquire before ordering so you receive enough product for your project

Buyer will provide mailing address for items, & final cost will include shipping (insurance optional) at buyer's expense

All claims for lost or damaged goods must be m

Product Specs

  • 100% alpaca yarn, in weighed skeins of various yardage and colors
  • Skeins range from 2-ply sport, fingerling, dk, 3-ply
  • Most of the fiber is produced by animals here on the farm (the gray shades are not from my alpacas) & each order comes with a small description of the alpaca(s) it came from

Product Description

100% alpaca yarn for knitting, weaving, nallbinding, all craft projects
Colors in stock: white, black, tweed blend


3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @45 yd/oz, dark silver gray (limited amount)
2 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @47 yd/oz, dark rose gray (limited amount)

3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @ 37 yd/oz
2 Ply BC @200 yd/skein
3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @41 yd/oz

3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @41 yd/oz, blend of Jamison & Mojito fleeces
2 Ply Fingerling @400 yd/skein
2 Ply Sport @200 yd/skein, @72 yd/oz
3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @48 yd/oz

Tweed (black & white blend of whole herd)
2 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @52 yd/oz
3 Ply DK @200 yd/skein
2 Ply DK @200 yd/skein, @48 yd/oz (slightly darker than other 2 ply)