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Every Farm Has A Story Of How It Began

Welcome to Tree Frog Farm, LLC, located in King George, Virginia, squeezed between the Rappahannock and the Potomac Rivers, and close to Fredericksburg, noted for its deep history.

What we might lack in size we make up for in personal care, and we welcome you to arrange for a visit to come see our furry and feathered menagerie.

Tree Frog Farm's Description

Gracie and George saying "cheese" in April
Ahaa (Mother), Heart Breaker (Daughter), Dancing Queen, Brown Sugar

No, I don't work for Aflac, I'm a goose

Welcome to the Northern Neck of Virginia, home to Tree Frog Farm, LLC, where alpacas, peafowl, koi, too many herbs and water plants and Sebastopol geese find themselves at home.

Our original background was in cashmere goats and percheron draft horses when we were on the west coast, and we found a property after moving east that begged for something more than the cattle farm it had once been.

We have a growing herd of alpacas, from breeding females to growing crias, herdsires and junior herdsires as well as fiber companions, both male and female.

We also raise peafowl that announce themselves during the spring and early summer months and provide us with peachicks to continue our flocks, and feathers for crafters. We also have our aquaponics system where we have koi and water irises, and mint, lots and lots and lots of mint. Oh, and tree frogs, can't forget those, whose clicking rumbles remind us of why we bought this farm to begin with.

Please call or email us to arrange for a visit to see our farm and the animals, and consider something for your own farm for the future, whether it be something that hums beneath a fluffy coat, or something that struts its tail feathers in the air, or some mint that comes fresh from the aquaponic system (you'll never lose your car again, just sniff for it in a parking lot, you'll find it). Visitors are encouraged to please call or email first to arrange a visit to ensure a day that will be appropriate for everyone.