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MAFI Black Expresso's Abner
MAFI Black Expresso's Abner EDP 2018

MAFI Black Expresso's Abner EDP 2019

MAFI Black Expresso's Abner

ARI# 31454025   D.O.B. 6/19/2008

Huacaya, Male, Non-Breeder | Beige

Sire: Tres Cuartas Accoyo Black Expresso | ARI# 849034  | BB TB 
Dam: SS Peruvian Avenica | ARI# 30423749  | LF 

Abner is our everything animal, from playing guard dog and alerting the herd to anything in the field (deer, dog or rogue squirrel), to keeping the males in check in his pen, and being a love hound when it comes to food or simply standing around breathing on your shoulder. He would make a great ADA/therapy animal if someone had the time to train him through the program due to his calm nature and stoic attitude and he was previously, and regularly exposed to school groups of children, the public, and once caught usually endures most anything you ask of him, save with very small children who might shriek and startle him

Abner was gelded in the fall of 2017, & we can't guarantee he's not going to try to breed a female if put in with one, but he did settle (somewhat) once he was gelded and has adapted to always knowing where 'his girls' are on the other side of the fence, as opposed to constantly oogling at them when they come near and trying for them

From his bloodline he's inherited his consistent fiber, fantastic toes (they are extremely durable & he's usually the last we do for herd health as usually they just need a small trimming), he's got a good bite & would make a fantastic companion for any herd

Updated 3/30/2020