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Tree Frog Farm's George at seven months, first romp alone in the field
George at two weeks

George's cria fleece at a month's growth

GGF Legacy Gold, GGF Royal Challanger

Tree Frog Farm's George

ARI# 35502791   D.O.B. 12/5/2019

Huacaya, Cria Male, Unproven | Medium Brown

Sire: TGF Freedom's Fury | ARI# 32245707  | Dark Fawn |
Dam: Maranatha's Eve | ARI# 31454520  | Light Fawn, Medium Fawn 

George is a stunning medium brown curly curly curly fleeced little guy. He came two days later than his expected due date and looks nothing color-wise to resemble his dam or sire (if you saw him with his aunt, Ahaa, you'd think he was her cria, they're the same color). Drying him off was a challenge due to his curls, and underneath all that he's a happy little boy with bright eyes, good ears and conformation, solid legs and a little nose that's constantly in motion

George's first shearing (cria fleece) was curl-ley! The shearer commented that he's never seen a happier, curly fleece (curls vs crimp) on a male cria. His currently fleece is silky-wet when you look at it in the sunlight, and it's growing out to a luxurious medium-russet brown, just like his aunt, Ahaa. He's going to be a looker, with his black-tipped nose and ears, and those cute black eyelashes and his black smile

He is "mellowing" after being weaned at five months, right after shearing, due to his mom deciding George was going to be weaned, like it or not. Without his dam around and in a new world of freedom to learn from other alpacas, his curiosity has surfaced as has a mellower nature than he had while nursing. He enjoys always chewing on something, whether it be a piece of straw in his mouth or a tuft of orchardgrass which gives him a country look. It's difficult to take a picture without having to drag something from his mouth to take a proper picture, or to resist his little alpaca smile when you finally get that perfect picture

As of April 18, George's cria fleece has a micron of 18.1 for his first shearing in March 2020

Updated 2/8/2021